Barbara Baker

Adjunct Professor
Plant Innate Immunity

Associate Professor
Fungi as a model system for the study of genetic variation and evolution
Professor Steven Brenner

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Computational Biology, Genomics, Protein Function Prediction
Thomas D. Bruns, Microbiology, UC Berkeley

Professor Emeritus
Fungal Ecology
Professor John D. Coates

Professor of Microbiology and Academic Director, Energy Biosciences Institute
adam deutschbauer

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Genetics, genomics, and large-scale protein function discovery
Picture of Karine Gibbs, photograph by Adam Sings in the Timber

Associate Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Identity in social bacteria
N. Louise Glass

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology and Graduate Group in Microbiology
Biofuels, Fungi
Britt A. Glaunsinger

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology, Associate Chair
Virus-Host Interactions, RNA-Based Regulation

Adjunct Professor / Senior Scientist / Program Head
Fungal and Algal Genomics, Computational Biology
Andrew O. Jackson

Professor Emeritus
Molecular genetics and cell biology of plus and minus strand RNA plant viruses
portrait of Arash Komeili

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Bacterial organelles and biomeinralization

Assistant Professor
Genomics and Innate Immune systems

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Peggy G. Lemaux

Professor of Cooperative Extension
Crop Genetic Improvement via Engineering and Editing

Adjunct Associate Professor
Plant Disease and Immunity
steven lindow

Professor Emeritus
Ecology of Plant-Associated Microorganisms

Assistant Professor
Lanthanide-biochemistry and metabolism. Microbial Physiology, Metabolic Engineering, Plant-microbe interactions, bioremediation and biometallurgy

Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology
Krishna K. Niyogi

Professor, Plant and Microbial Biology
Regulation of Photosynthesis and Photoprotection

Distinguished Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology & Plant and Microbial Biology
Bacterial pathogenesis

Associate Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Signaling Pathways, Antibiotic Persistence, Cell Envelope Integrity

Associate Professor
Interactions between bacteria and their viral predators (bacteriophages)
Chris R. Somerville

Professor Emeritus
University - Industry Collaborations
Shauna Somerville

Professor Emerita
Plant-pathogen interactions; mechanisms of host defense; cell wall integrity sensing

Maxine J. Elliot Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology
Plant Immunity
Michi Taga

Professor, Plant & Microbial Biology
Microbial Nutritional Interactions
John W. Taylor

Professor of the Graduate School
Fungal evolution and genomics
Matt Traxler

Associate Professor
Bacterial interspecies interactions and specialized metabolism

Professor Emerita
Type IV secretion in bacteria and cell-to-cell transport in plants