The department is home to more than 45 labs in Koshland Hall and affiliated areas. Labs are made up of teams of researchers, students and volunteers under the instruction and guidance of a faculty member.

New Employees

All department employees, including students and volunteers, must fill out Human Resources paperwork. Please contact Shared Services - Human Resources to put in a ticket to hire a new employee or lab volunteer. Important links for the services below are listed on the menu on the left.Welcome!

PMB Support Staff

New employees must connect with the staff in Koshland 111 to be added to the department web site directories and listservs. Postdocs, grad students and lab staff may also build a web page on our site, For additional information, please make an appointment by contacting:  

PMB Front Desk:   |   510.642.9999

Cardkey / Building Access

All new employees must contact CNR Facilities to gain access to our buildings and labs. Requests can be made Tues-Thurs 9-11 am and 2-3 pm at 54 Mulford Hall.

Tony Gamez | | 510.643.5252


Please visit BearBuy if you plan to make purchases for your lab.

For additional purchasing power please take the Bear Buy training.

Mailing Lists

General internal communications and department event announcements are done via the PMB Department Mailing List. New employees will be categorized - postdoc, etc. - then entered into a corresponding mailing list subgroup, which feeds to the PMB Department Mailing List.  

PMB seminars and seminars from other departments that may be of interest to the PMB community are announced through our PMB Seminars List.

To sign up for the PMB Department List and the PMB Seminar List, please contact the PMB Front Desk.

Equipment and Resources

Looking for a piece of equipment, help with big data analysis or where to print a poster for your next conference? Try finding it here(link is external)!

To keep this list current and relevant, please add resources from your lab that are available to others in PMB, add comments and edit contact information as they change. Items are organized by alphabetical order and by floor / location. You will need a CalNet ID to access this page. Please contact the PMB office for questions and suggestions.

PMB Equipment and Resources List

Excess and Salvage: use this form to request a pick up. As request accrue and pick up will be scheduled. A chartstring will be needed on the form.  Anything with freon is an additional $122. Learn more here.

How to Dispose of Waste: Campus master list and procedures listed here.

Need to defrost a freezer? Before you defrost, PLAN AHEAD! Review the PMB Freezer Policy here.

Departing Employees

Departing employees must deactivate their building access card and web page.

To deactivate your web page please contact PMB Front Desk   |   |   642-9999

To deactivate building access please contact Tony Gamez   |  |   643-5252

Facilities Help

Facilities information shared folder includes: custodial and trash removal schedule.

Maintenance of department facilities, including Koshland Hall, is handled by the College of Natural Resources Facilities team. They are in charge of all building, safety and repair functions in Koshland Hall, including labs, copiers, elevators and physical infrastructure. Tony Gamez and Hugo Garcia are always available to help M-F, 8-5.

After hours and on weekends, campus Facilities Services can help with all facilities needs. Please see the table below for the appropriate service and who to contact.

For urgent issues, call CNR Facilities or Campus Facilities directly, then send a follow-up email to and

For non-urgent issues, email and cc

Service Who's in Charge How to Contact
Facilities Help M-F, 8-5 CNR Facilities Team - Tony Gamez and Hugo


54 Mulford Hall

Facilities help - nights and weekends Campus Facilities Services (formerly Physical 

510.642.1032 (24/7)

Emergency UC Berkeley Police 911 or 510.642.3333
Card key, Access, Key Requests

Cory Linstrum 

Requests can be made Tues-Thurs 9-11 am and 2-3 pm at 54 Mulford Hall.


Elevators CNR Facilities Team


54 Mulford Hall

After Hours - please contact Physical Plant, info above

Hazardous Waste / Spills Campus Facilities Services after hours


54 Mulford Hall

After Hours - please contact Campus Facilities Services; info above

Lost and Found Items held at 111 Koshland for 3 days, then turned in to UCPD (link to UCPD lost and found)

111 Koshland: 510.642.9999; UCPD:  510.642.6760 (business phone)

Greenhouse Manager Tina Wistrom


1751 Walnut Street, 110 Oxford Tract Greenhouse


Safety Committee Meetings

This section is dedicated to the PMB Saftey Committee

Shared Google Folder for all Koshland Hall Lab Members.  Need access? Contact

Folder Contents:

  • Safety Meeting Minutes
  • Autoclave Instructional Video
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Management Guide

Mandate: To comply with state injury and illness prevention statutes, the campus requires every department to have a safety committee. The law requires that safety committees meet at least quarterly and have minutes recorded and kept on file. Meetings should include the following activities:

• Setting schedules for regular inspections of workspaces and reviewing inspection findings.

• Reviewing recent accidents; establishing or reviewing preventive measures and any correction deadlines.

• Addressing safety suggestions or complaints.

• Reviewing and investigating reports of hazardous conditions and coordinating corrections.

• Submitting suggestions to department management for safety program improvements.

• Developing and maintaining a system to communicate with others in the department regarding safety issues, such as with posters, fliers, or suggestion boxes

Authority: The Chair of the PMB Saftey Committee is: Professor Kris Niyogi.

Call the Office of Environment, Health & Safety at 642-3073 for more information and assistance in establishing or reinvigorating a department safety committee. Existing and new committees are also welcome to call for advice or reference materials or to enlist the help of EH&S staff to address a specific concern. EH&S staff are also available to attend safety committee meetings.