A microscope image in green, red, blue

A localization of GFP tagged SAP3 peptide in a Medicago truncatula root nodule colonized by Sinorhizobium meliloti expressing mCherry. Image taked by William Moore at the Biological Imaging Facility.

Several topic-based centers and facilities are available for PMB researchers:

  • The microgarden is an algal and fungal culture collection that houses around 650 diffferent strains of algae and fungi, and is used by researchers and classes across the campus.
  • The Rausser College of Natural Resources Teaching Lab provides support for laboratory courses offered by the departments of Plant & Microbial Biology and Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology. Staff provide technical expertise and consultation to aid instructors in course planning, development, and execution. 
research plants in a greenhouse

Research plants in the Oxford Tract greenhouse. Photo by Natalea Schager.

  • The Biological Imaging Facility is a core microscope imaging lab that specializes in Live-Cell Widefield, Confocal (including FCS), Spinning Disk, and Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy (SIM, PALM, TIRF).
  • The Oxford Tract houses greenhouses, growth chambers, a lath house, and field space for plant science research.​

Visit the Rausser College research page for information on additional centers and facilities.