PMB Faculty members are part of a collegial community that starts with department and connections throughout the campus.  Faculty members have access to department and campus resources that support them in their teaching, research and service.  PMB Leadership is available for all issues and concerns,  adminstrative matters can be directed to the PMB department manager.

The campus Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare is the gateway to campus resources for faculty. It includes the New Faculty Foundations program for newly hired senate faculty.


PMB Faculty Shared Folders

Faculty Handbook, Policies and Shared Resources, all PMB faculty should have access to the following, if not, contact the PMB Department Manager.


PMB Faculty Committees

Faculty serve on a number of committees with support and input from graduate students, postdocs, lab scientists and staff.  Committee assignments are usually for one year and announce in the early summer.  

PMB Faculty Committee Assignments


Lab Rotations and Professors on Parade

**Beginning Fall 2022, the lab rotation program will be three five week rotations, completed in the first semester. Students should expect to be placed in their thesis lab by the start of the spring semester of the first year.

Lab rotations give first-year grad students the opportunity to explore areas of interest as possibilities for Ph.D. research by working in labs for a five week period.

Profs on Parade provides faculty with an opportunity to showcase their lab's research to first year graduate students.  First year students in the graduate program are required to attend the Profs on Parade sessions to gain an understanding of the research that is being performed in the various labs in the Department of Plant Biology & Microbiology as well as the Graduate Group in Microbiology. Profs on Parade will be during the week prior to the first day of class for Fall 2022.

2022 Professors on Parade schedule.

Lab Rotation Agreement Form

Lab Placement Agreement Form

Course and Evaluation Information

Courses: General questions about courses or course scheduling contact the department manager, for questions specific to course evaluations, contact course evaluations.