Resources for Scientists in the Greater Community

The following are additional resources, data sources and outreach opportunities for all scientists within and without the department. (Peggy Lemaux's educational resources) A website that provides educational resources focused broadly on issues related to agriculture, crops, animals, foods, and the technologies used to improve them. Available education tools and information and science-based information to promote informed participation in discussions about these topics.

#diversifyplantsci is a public google sheet that lists scientists of color with all kinds of information about career stage and area of research, an excellent recruitment tool.

American Society of Plant Biologists: Graduates volunteer at the American Society of Plant Biologists booth at a National Science Teachers Association meeting, demonstrating DNA extraction and plant biology science lessons. 

Berkeley BioLabs enables scientists and biotech entrepreneurs to research and develop their ideas and products by providing economical lab facilities, a large biotech community and a host of services to accelerate their success.

Beyond Academia   is a non-profit organization run by UC Berkeley graduate students with the goal of empowering graduate students and postdocs to expand their career options beyond the traditional academic track.

Community Resources for Scientists 

Counter Culture Labs 

Instituto de Altos Estudios Nacionales, Ecuador  PMB participates with this Institute, whose goal it is to articulate scientific research with education outreach and economic activity. An international team of collaborators proposed amendments to Ecuador's regulations pertaining to the access and development of biological resources and indigenous knowledge. 

 Planting Science  Online science and research mentorship of public middle school and high school teams developing science projects in classrooms. 

Academy of Science Volunteer Docents commit to a 3.5 hour shift a month for a year and four on-going training sessions in the year to talk about science at the Cal Academy. Work on your people skills! PMB alum Onur Erbilgin is a docent and is happy to talk to you about it:

 Writer Coach Connection offers an opportunity for graduates become writing coaches for middle and high- schoolers. Every student gets one-on-one attention. Writing coachers help students with their writing, and provde them with positive feedback to help build their writing and academic confidence.